Euro 2012: Germans as the Bad Guys?

Angela Merkel, or Merk the Jerk, as I would call her if I were Greek, cheers after a German goal. (Photo Credit: ESPN)

For the third time in three games, German fans are in trouble with UEFA.  Over the 3 games of the Euro 2012 group stage, the German Soccer Association has been fined $50,000 for poor behavior on their fans part.  The first two fines were for throwing things and general soccer naughtiness, but the third, however, is a bit more startling.  They’ve been fined $31,200 due to fans displaying a swastika flag during the third and final group stage match against Denmark.

During the lead up to the tournament, a lot of attention had been focused on how bad the Ukrainian fans were going to be at Euro 2012.  I watched a special report showing them displaying swastikas, fascist salutes, and a pension for violence.  Families of some of the English players stayed at home over concerns that they could be targeted for their race.  But by and far, the biggest problem appears to be the German fans.

In other news, Greek fans reportedly jeered Angela Merkel.

Natural Bad Guys

As for the action on the field.  I can’t imagine anything but a Spain vs Germany final.  Cristiano Ronaldo has been in good form so far in the tournament and they advanced from the hardest group.  I have to believe that Spain, which is filled up of guys who either play on the same team as him or are paid millions of dollars to stop him, will find a way to slow him down.  Portugal lacks the depth to carry them through if Ronaldo doesn’t score.  1-0 Spain.  Oh, and I should disclose that I’m extremely partial to Spain.

In the other match, I’d like Germany to win because I’m still mad at Italy for boring the crap out of me with every single match of theirs I’ve watched over the last 10 years.  It appears as though they’ve made strides toward becoming watchable.  Mario Balotelli is the most exciting young striker in the game.  But it looks like Germany is ready to win.  I’ll take Mario Gomez for two goals and Balotelli throwing a tantrum.  3-1 Germany.

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