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83rd Annual All-Star Game: Who Cares?

2012 MLB All-Star game. Please don’t let a Giant get injured. Please! (Photo Credit:

In a few hours, the 83rd annual MLB All-Star game will begin in Kansas City.  The big question surrounding the game is who cares?  Seriously, does anybody care anymore.  When I was a kid, in the 80’s, there was some excitement to the game.  Adulthood has taken a little off of the luster of the game but so has the state of the modern game.  Previously, the only time you would get to see some players was in the All-Star game.  Now, with the internet and modern broadcasting, you can watch any team, any time.  There was also the added treat of watching players compete against each other who would otherwise not.  Interleague play has taken that away from us.

Aside from a complete and utter lack of excitement or meaning, there is the injury worry.  I’m a San Francisco Giants fan and my worst nightmare came true.  They named Matt Cain as the starter for the game.  The starting pitcher is the only pitcher who will generally go for more than an inning.  Even if he comes out of the game unscathed, I’d rather have him not pitch 3 innings on his day off.  There’s really no way for them to go half speed, and each inning on the mound increases the risk.  It’s rare for it to happen, but ask Ray Fosse (see below) what can happen. Continue reading


Memories: A Way of Life or a Song from Cats

Warning: This post contains simulated swear words and nostalgia and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 30.

AT&T Park

AT&T Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In about 2 days time I will be landing down in San Francisco, California.  Well…I’ll land down in Millbrae or wherever the hell the airport is.  Then it’s off to East Bay and some relaxation.  There are people to visit and things to do.  Saying ‘Hi’ to my mom is one of them.  Kiss my cousins baby is another.  I’ll be really looking forward to going to a San Francisco Giants game.  My wife has never been to a baseball game and so my family will make her.  She’s not much of a sports fan, despite having been on hand to witness her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos (yes, that is the name of a sports team) win a Grand Final (Aussie rules) some time in the 90’s.  That’s one thing I’ve never done…watch my team win it all, live and in person.

There are only two series’ that I have to choose from and neither one has much appeal.  It’s either the Astros or the Padres.  Both teams are battling it out for last place in their divisions, but I’ll bet my brother wants to go see the Houston Astros because a guy he played high school ball with is on their team.  I don’t really care who I go see.  I’m just in it for the ballpark. Continue reading