Euro 2012: Germans as the Bad Guys?

Angela Merkel, or Merk the Jerk, as I would call her if I were Greek, cheers after a German goal. (Photo Credit: ESPN)

For the third time in three games, German fans are in trouble with UEFA.  Over the 3 games of the Euro 2012 group stage, the German Soccer Association has been fined $50,000 for poor behavior on their fans part.  The first two fines were for throwing things and general soccer naughtiness, but the third, however, is a bit more startling.  They’ve been fined $31,200 due to fans displaying a swastika flag during the third and final group stage match against Denmark. Continue reading


Memories: A Way of Life or a Song from Cats

Warning: This post contains simulated swear words and nostalgia and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 30.

AT&T Park

AT&T Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In about 2 days time I will be landing down in San Francisco, California.  Well…I’ll land down in Millbrae or wherever the hell the airport is.  Then it’s off to East Bay and some relaxation.  There are people to visit and things to do.  Saying ‘Hi’ to my mom is one of them.  Kiss my cousins baby is another.  I’ll be really looking forward to going to a San Francisco Giants game.  My wife has never been to a baseball game and so my family will make her.  She’s not much of a sports fan, despite having been on hand to witness her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos (yes, that is the name of a sports team) win a Grand Final (Aussie rules) some time in the 90’s.  That’s one thing I’ve never done…watch my team win it all, live and in person.

There are only two series’ that I have to choose from and neither one has much appeal.  It’s either the Astros or the Padres.  Both teams are battling it out for last place in their divisions, but I’ll bet my brother wants to go see the Houston Astros because a guy he played high school ball with is on their team.  I don’t really care who I go see.  I’m just in it for the ballpark. Continue reading

UFC 147: Recipe for a Refund

I mean, it looks like a real event and all, but… (

UFC 147 was one of the worst numbered events I can recall.  It ended up being a TUF series finale headlined by a very underwhelming Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva main event.  Usually the series finales are broadcast on the network that aired them, but they made an exception for this one because the two headline fights that were to be paired with it were going to be spectacular.

It was announced that Anderson Silva would fight Chael Sonnen in a rematch of one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  Vitor Belfort would face Wanderlei Silva, as the two coaches of TUF Brazil.  The usual shenanigans that go along with a TUF series finale would set the stage.  Then the rug was pulled out from under us. Continue reading

The Tyranny of Time Zones

Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had planned to write about the Euro 2012 semi-final matchup between Spain and France.  Spain won 2-0 against the last team to have beaten them in a major tournament.  Since that last lost, at the 2006 World Cup, Spain has been on a remarkable run, having won both the Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup.  If they win this years Euros they will be the first team to win the 3 tournaments in a row.  Maintaining such a high level of play for so long is extremely difficult in international football.  I was excited to watch it and had the alarm set to wake up at 4:45am.  (Record scratches and stops playing)  That’s right, people.  I wake up at 4:45 in the morning to watch football, futbol, soccer or whatever the hell you want to call it.  I do it frequently.  I’ll probably do it tomorrow if I get more sleep. Continue reading

In the Case of Clay vs Gray…The Verdict is, ‘Boring’

Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard (Photo credit: Tiago Hammil)

Watched UFC on FX 4.  Wasn’t the most exciting of cards put together, but the boys at Zuffa do what they can with the meager resources they have.  That sounds sarcastic, but it’s not.  In reality, so many of their biggest names have been injured that it’s hard to headline a card with something exciting.  What the headliner lacked in zazz, it made up for in boredom.  Clay Guida vs Gray Maynard was doomed from the start.

Aside from the main event, there really wasn’t anything to draw you to the card.  Cub Swanson provided some sparks with his knockout of Ross Pearson to open the night off.  Brian Ebersole, who is entertaining in his antics, but not so much in the cage getting a win over someone I’ve never heard of.  At least he tried a Capoeria-style kick to some effect.  Sam Stout faced Spencer Fisher in the conclusion of a trilogy that I could’t even remember the first two having taken place.  It felt like a fight I would have liked to see 4 years ago, probably did see, and completely blocked it out.  Then there was the Main Event.

Continue reading

Today’s Quiz: Who’s the Worst Pitcher In Baseball?

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who is 2-8, has a 6.07 ERA and hasn’t won a game since April?  Who has the worst ERA in Major League Baseball?  Well if you guessed Tim Lincecum, then you are absolutely correct and deserve a prize.

He has just escaped getting yet another loss after the Giants rallied in the 9th to beat the A’s in Oakland.  He pitched well, using the low standards he has set this season as a measuring stick, giving up 3 earned runs on 3 hits in 6 innings, but was on pace to take the loss until a furious rally saved him from defeat.  He’ll get credited for a quality start for the performance, though this is the bare minimum required to receive the designation. Continue reading