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UFC on Fox 4: Dana White Flips Like a Gymnast

I was going to write a post today about how ridiculous it was for Dana White to give the winner of the Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs Brandon Vera fight a title shot against champion Jon Jones (assuming Jones defeats Dan Henderson on Sept 1st).  But then, while I was at work, a funny thing happened.  Dana White changed his mind (imagine that!).  It’s not the first time that it’s happened and won’t be the last, but the abruptness of the switch was what caught me off guard.  The title contender status has been extended to cover the Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader bout.  Despite each of these fighters having lost to White has said that whomever impresses him the most out of the two bouts will gain the next title shot.  The implication in this 4-way mini-sweeps is that Rua will get the shot at Jones if he beats Vera.  If he falters, the winner of the Machida – Bader fight will get their second shot at the champ.

I like Brandon Vera and I’m excited to watch this matchup up Muy Thai practitioners, but to give him the chance to be in a title-eliminator bout would have been an absolute folly.  He was once touted as an up-and-coming, undersized heavyweight but never materialized as the title-contender some thought he would become.  He dropped down to light-heavy and has been underwhelming to say the least.  His greatest win was over Frank Mir in 2006, when Mir was still on the mend after his near career ending accident.  In his last 3 fights he had been destroyed by Jon Jones, in his run to the title, and Thiago Silva.  Both fights saw Vera’s face rearranged, but the Silva loss was overturned after he failed a drug test.  Not much in his resume to warrant a top-ten ranking, let alone a title shot. Continue reading


UFC 149: When is a Title Fight Not a Title Fight?

UFC 149: More boring than Calgary itself

Answer: When the champ doesn’t fight.

Reading the Wikipedia page for any UFC event lately sounds like a soap opera.  X was scheduled to fight Y, then the fight was moved from card Z, then X was hurt and now Brian Ebersole‘s chest hair has stepped in to fight.  The entry explaining how the card was put together and what the card went through is twice as long as any information explaining how the card played out.  It goes to show just how many injuries there are in today’s fight game.  What we end up with is a card that has Urijah Faber vs Renan Barao in the main event, for the interim title, with Hector Lombard vs Tim Boetsch as the co-main event.  Admittedly, this is not the most exciting card that we’ve had.  But this was the state of UFC 149. Continue reading

Nice to Have Known You Chael Sonnen

UFC 148: Will Chael Sonnen please leave town? (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

UFC 148 has come and gone, and, as anticipated, it was the largest draw of all time.  Chael Sonnen has been the perfect antagonists for GOAT Anderson Silva for the better part of the last two years.  There’s no doubt that his mouth has helped rev up both ticket sales and PPV sales.  It’s been entertaining and I admit to being excited by the mainstream coverage, but let’s all hope this has finally run its course.

If you remember, and I know how short memories run in the modern world, Chael Sonnen wanted a loser leave town battle.  He had just defeated Brian Stann at UFC 136 in October of 2011, and, while being interviewed by Joe Rogan, grabbed the microphone and challenged Silva to the WWF-style rematch, while also calling him a coward.  Silva shrugged it off and Sonnen has since rescinded the offer, but I’d like to ask Sonnen to be a man of his word and leave town. Continue reading

UFC 147: Recipe for a Refund

I mean, it looks like a real event and all, but… (

UFC 147 was one of the worst numbered events I can recall.  It ended up being a TUF series finale headlined by a very underwhelming Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva main event.  Usually the series finales are broadcast on the network that aired them, but they made an exception for this one because the two headline fights that were to be paired with it were going to be spectacular.

It was announced that Anderson Silva would fight Chael Sonnen in a rematch of one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  Vitor Belfort would face Wanderlei Silva, as the two coaches of TUF Brazil.  The usual shenanigans that go along with a TUF series finale would set the stage.  Then the rug was pulled out from under us. Continue reading

In the Case of Clay vs Gray…The Verdict is, ‘Boring’

Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard (Photo credit: Tiago Hammil)

Watched UFC on FX 4.  Wasn’t the most exciting of cards put together, but the boys at Zuffa do what they can with the meager resources they have.  That sounds sarcastic, but it’s not.  In reality, so many of their biggest names have been injured that it’s hard to headline a card with something exciting.  What the headliner lacked in zazz, it made up for in boredom.  Clay Guida vs Gray Maynard was doomed from the start.

Aside from the main event, there really wasn’t anything to draw you to the card.  Cub Swanson provided some sparks with his knockout of Ross Pearson to open the night off.  Brian Ebersole, who is entertaining in his antics, but not so much in the cage getting a win over someone I’ve never heard of.  At least he tried a Capoeria-style kick to some effect.  Sam Stout faced Spencer Fisher in the conclusion of a trilogy that I could’t even remember the first two having taken place.  It felt like a fight I would have liked to see 4 years ago, probably did see, and completely blocked it out.  Then there was the Main Event.

Continue reading